Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Can we say sugar high???

Let me tell you something about Princess. That actually is not a good nickname for her, as she is SUCH a tomboy! However, she wanted to be a Princess for Halloween, and the nickname stuck. She wanted to be a Princess because her best friend in pre-school was going to be a Princess. I didn't even know they HAD best friends in pre-school! Anyway, Princess and I went out trick or treating on Halloween with good friends of ours who have an absolutely adorable little boy, we will call him Little Man. They made out like bandits!! The containes they had for candy were so heavy that Princess made me carry it. It could possibly be because the whole troupe of us, myself, Little Man, Princess, and Little Man's Parents were all dressed up, which the neighbors got a kick out of. They gave not just one candy to them, but handfuls! Having been a plus size gal most of my life, I try to limit the amount of sugar Princess has, good luck around Halloween!!
Here was her candy and junk quotient:

Let me tell you, between not getting to bed on time because of the festivities, and eating junk, can we say MOOD SWING GIRL???? It would be, happy happy happy then total melt down in seconds!!! I love her dearly, but my patience was tried big time.

Oh well, its over, and underneath that sugar is a very nice little girl.

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