Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Day off

I had an unexpected day off yesterday. I had no clients, no clients, no work. This can be fun, but in my business, no work no pay. I have no benefits like sick days or personal days. So was I upset? Well, the money thing yeah, but I HAD AN UNEXPECTED DAY OFF WOO HOO!!! Remember when I told you I got into scrapbooking? Well after spending close to $200.00 the other night, I spent close to $80.00 yesterday. This is an expensive hobby!!! Add to it my personality that NEEDS to have everything NOW, and you can see I am in trouble!! So, unexpected day off, and spending LOTS of money, perhaps not the smartest thing I have ever done but oh well!! Princess had a meltdown from hell yesterday morning, she all of a sudden asked where her spiderman spinbrush was. To backtrack, about a month ago she HAD to have the tigger spinbrush, and since she had had the spiderman spinbrush for a while, I said ok get it and when we get home throw away your spiderman spinbrush. She did, and all was well until yesterday. Then it was "Mommy where my spiderman brush?" I told her what I said here, and THAT stared a half hour crying jag. I think the sugar is still in her system!!!! Ah well. After that she cuddled with me and all was well. Am I a bad mom that I sent her to pre-school even though I had the day off???? I did need the break, but the mommy guilt is setting in. She did have fun though, with her best friend. That's all for now, I have to get ready for work. No really, I do have to work today!! see ya

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