Friday, November 26, 2004

One Holiday Down.....

So here we are, the day after thanksgiving. I successfully pulled off the whole shindig, and Mom was even impressed!!! Now that takes some doing. Roomie helped me the night before getting things prepared, she peeled all the onions, now THAT is a friend!!! A few feaux pas.....The turkey was done a whole hour earlier, and part of the family wasn't even here yet, so basically, the minute they came in we sat down to the shrimp cocktail, followed immediately after by the main course. I made enough stuffing to feed a whole third world nation, next time I'll know better!! Everyone had a good time, and no one fought, woohoo!!! Princess wes so excited to see everyone she didn't fall asleep until 10:30 that night, WAY past her bedtime. She and her youngest cousin got into a few things, like roomies postits....which I peeled off the coffee table this afternoon lol!!! They tried to hide what they had done with tissue. Part of my family camped out in my living room on air mattresses, and Princess was right with them. Today SIL and I went shopping, we actually tried to see The Polar Express at the Imax theater in 3D, however that was sold out until 5 tonite, and they had to head home before that. When the family left this afternoon, Princess was very sad, she cried " I didn't give my cousins enough hugs and kisses!" She is so sweet, and was very cranky after they left, well since she didn't fall asleep until late, and woke upi early, I am NOT surprised!! Me, I am VERY tired, but happy that everything went so well. So how was everyone else's thanksgiving??? Do tell :-)

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