Thursday, November 11, 2004

Random thoughts hmmmmmmmm

Why is it that milk at stop n shop is so much more expensive than milk at a convenience store, which usually is more expensive for everything?

Why is that commercial for pepto bismal on the air, you know, the fake macarena one? I mean really....ewww!

Why is it that some stations are refusing to air the showing of Saving Private Ryan? Gee Mr President, nice to make everyone afraid of you. Yeah Censorship!

Ever notice that whatever lane you are in on the highway ends up being the slow one?

And why is it that people will speed up after going real slow when they see you want to pass?

How can one gas station charge $2.15 for gas when the station down the street is charging $2.oo or less?

And why do people buy their gas at those gas stations?


Feel free to comment and add your own hmmmmmm thoughts.

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