Thursday, November 11, 2004


Zoot's mom said I lived in a beautiful area, and thankyou, I do! Quiet neighborhood, good neighbors ( except the screaming match the other day) and beautiful places right in my own backyard! Now if only my neighborhood was in a better section of town....ah well you can't have everything! In the morning, my thoughts tend to go in random directions, sorry if it seems odd but hey since you're reading this, deal :-) I am having Thanksgiving at my place for the first time this year. Mom doesn't think I can do it, I am 42, I wonder how old I will have to be to have her think I am an adult. I guess being the baby of the family sticks with you forever. I have three brothers, and all I can say is, sitting in the same room with them is like sitting alone. They really are NOT the talkative types. Maybe that's why mom and dad adopted me, they needed someone who could carry on a conversation lol. Oh yeah, by the way, I am adopted, from Korea, not that I look very Korean as I am only half. Princess with her beautiful grey eyes and light skin and hair doesn't even look the 1/4 korean that she is! Two of my brothers married very outgoing women, so you see how life tends to balance out. Perhaps that's why I am single, no one can get a word in edgewise with me teehee! My oldest brother has two kids who are teenagers, and my middle brother has three kids all around Princesses age. All of us were late bloomers when it came to having kids! I need coffee. I need a shower. I need to go to work ewwwwwwwwww!!! If I can find them, I will post pics of my neices and nephews. Ta ta for now!

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    1. woo hoo!
    2. Princess upside down on roomie 
    3. See how happy Princess is when we could finally go...
    4. Pretty scenery when walk FINALLY commenced. 
    5. Walked back into the woods in back yard, forgot ho...
    6. Princess on her swing set while neighbors were cha...
    7. Our morning feeding the ducks 
    8. Grrrrrr!
    9. How nice to have good neighbors!
    10. Out of the mouth of babes
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