Saturday, December 18, 2004

Busy busy busy!

My clients love me. How do I know this? Because they send me gift certificates to here for Christmas! I love them too, without them I would not be able to support myself and Princess. We may not live in the lap of luxury, but we are comfortable, and we can get little extra things now and then. I never set out in life to be rich, I just wanted to be happy and comfortable, and I have that. And the gift certificates and the extra tips around Christmas sure do help :-) I've been so very busy at work, which is a good thing as this month has been unusual because normally we are busy the whole month, not this time! I had big gaps in my schedule every day except Friday and Saturday. NOT fun when you usually expect to be so busy you can't breathe! I think that this state, being a "blue" state, doesn't have the confidence to do extra things this year, sales are down in retail too. OK that's as political as I'll ever get, so move on :-)
Back to my clients, I love the fact that I have done so many of them for a long time that they're friends as well. I love to hear about their lives and listen to their successes, and commiserate with them when things don't go well. I love seeing them get married, have children, and give their kids their first haircuts. I like what I do. How many people can say that? Have a great weekend everyone!

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