Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Mondays can be fun!

Yesterday was a good Monday. Actually, all mondays are good for me as I am off. On the other hand, Saturdays don't have the same appeal to me as other people as I have to work that day. However, back to monday! I spent the day with my neighbor and her son Little Man, you should see Princess and Little Man play! They run up and down the hall chasing each other, then when they see each other they scream and run laughing the other way. Normally you don't want your children to scream, but when they do it while playing it sounds so fun. Neighbors mom came over and took Little Man and Princess to neighbors grandmothers for a short time, but this was good as Oliquigs mom was also over and it gave us a chance to talk, without kids around, what a concept! It was fun having adult time! Not a whole heck of a lot was accomplished yesterday, but sometimes not having a million things to do is a nice break, especially during this time of year. Princess has a cold, and Little Man was not feeling all that well either, so just hanging out with their Moms was good for them! I made homemade turkey meatballs for dinner, and pasta and sauce (not homemade sauce, just doctored up jar type sauce). We all sat down and had a nice dinner, then neighbor took Little Man home as his fever spiked up high, he's feeling better today thank goodness. Princess was also tired as she had no nap and has a cold, so bedtime for her was early. Then, more fun! I sat down and worked on the scrapbook I'm putting together for Mom and Dad for Christmas, which I love to do. Bedtime for me was way late, as those of you I commented to on your blogs can attest, and yet still today I feel refreshed, because of such a nice day yesterday! To some of you this may not seem like a very exciting day, and perhaps it wasn't. But to me, it was one of the best days, just hanging out with friends and Princess, doing nothing :-)

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