Friday, March 18, 2005

I love driving!!!

Sorry it took so long to get back here, but on Wednesday I went to pick up the new car and sign over my life practically, then I had to go to work. I didn't get home until late after a long busy day with very little sleep. Yesterday I worked from 10 to 7, a VERY busy day and when I got home, I crashed! So that takes us to today! I LOVE MY NEW CAR!! It's a v-6, more engine than I have ever had, and wow can it go! I was doing 90 down the highway and I didn't even know! The sound system is sweet as is everything else about it. Princess keeps looking out the window to see our new car and she loves being in it. She made a comment about how clean it was lol! You see I was not taking care of the piece of crap car towards the end, I mean why did I care, I didn't feel safe in it, and after was a piece of crap lol!! Below are pics of the old car and the new one, guess which on I prefer heehee!!!!!
Now I have to get ready for work so I can pay for this new luxury. I should be happy I'm so busy as that will make for good paychecks to pay for this car :-)

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