Monday, March 14, 2005

I've got a new car!!!!!!!

You remember my piece of crap car? The one I have been getting into everyday with a prayer? Well, I FINALLY GOT A NEW CAR!!!! Well new to me, it's a used car. It's a 2001 Suzuki Grand Vitara, a small SUV with high safety ratings. It's a best buy in the consumer reports for used cars, and it's beautiful!! It's Burgundy with a grey interior and power everything! Here's how it happened.
As you all know, I work in a high end salon, and we get some rather powerful people, at least locally, in the salon. One of the people who come in is the wife of a huge car dealership in this area. I called her and told her I was in the market for a car and asked her of someone in her company I should talk to. She not only told me who to talk to, but called that person herself before I called and set it all up for me!!!! How cool is that??? I went in, telling the man that my credit sucks (long story, bad decisions, procrastination, all of the above) and could he get me into a car. He started showing me cars in the 3000 to 4000 range, NONE of which was anything remotely like what I wanted. I told him this. He told me it was a good idea to check my credit and see if I could go a conventional way through a bank. He did, and guess what? When you work hard on cleaning up your credit as I have done, it pays off, I am not totally horrendous credit now, I'm considered slow credit, at this rate someday I may actually be (gasp) good credit!!!! Banks will work with slow credit! So I put money down, and waited. I didn't wait long, as I went this morning and this evening I found out I got the car and I can pick it up on Wednesday!!!! Because of knowing the owners wife, he told me he would absorb the bank cost, and came down from 11.9 to 10.9, which by the way is only a little over book value!!!!
I feel so many feelings right now besides elation and relief knowing that my daughter and I will be in a safe vehicle. I feel somewhat sad, because the old car was the one I got when I separated from my husband. I got it all on my own without his help, and it signified a sense of independence. It's been a good car to me, it's only in the last year that it's been one I don't feel safe in. I'm donating the car, because truly it's has no trade in value, and I feel good doing something worthwhile with it. I'll miss it, but this new car signifies another new beginning. It's the start of my road to good credit, I can see a house of my own in the future now, before I couldn't. It's the first car I bought since having Princess, so this will truly be "our" car. I wonder if I'll sleep tonight, I'm on cloud nine!
I'll post pics of the new car and my piece of crap car when I get the new one on Wednesday, until then, happy driving!!!

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