Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Do I HAVE to go back to real life???

I came home from Hyannis yesterday night, and had to work today. Not an easy thing to do when you would rather be back in Hyannis let me tell you! We had a BLAST! It was so much fun being there with my niece and nephews and my sis-in-law. There were two other mothers with their kids too with us, and I don't think I have enjoyed 8 kids as much as all of them. The hotel was nice, and had a wonderful pool, which all the kids were in almost all the time, when we weren't out and about that is. Of all the adults there, can you guess which of us was in the pool with the kids??? Yep, you guessed it, me! I played tag with them, which basically meant I chased them around the pool and "tagged" them, but none of them were ever "it" because it was much more fun to have me try to catch them. I love the water, so I was a perfect candidate to be in the pool. We also walked around Hyannis, and went shopping, bought a lot of cool stuff and spent more money than was good for me on trinkets, t-shirts, and meals. Hey we had a blast, so it was well worth it! I don't even want to talk about nutrition this weekend, because there was none for Princess! Kind of hard to monitor what she eats when no one else was monitoring their kids. But you know what? Princes on the whole, is a great eater and likes healthy foods, so I'm not going to stress over one weekend. Bed time? What was that??? And again, NOT worth stressing over for a weekend, we had FUN!! And that folks, is what it's all about! Below are some pics of Hyannis, glad to be back amongst all of you!

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