Sunday, April 24, 2005

Here I go getting all opinionated.

Okay I'm going to do something that I don't usually do, I'm going to spout my opinions on a hot subject. Remember, this is my blog, and my opinion, you can disagree with me in comments but I will not tolerate rudeness. That said, here I go.
In Connecticut this week, civil unions were voted in for gay couples, without a court order. I'm proud of the step that our state made. It may not have been a complete victory for gay activists, but it's a step in the right direction. I support gay marriage whole heartedly. Two people in love who want to live a life together no matter what their sexual preference should be able to marry, have the rights of a married couple, and be recognized as a married couple. The reason I say that the step our state made is a good start but not the whole victory, is because civil unions for the most part are only recognized in the state they are legal in, in other words, gay couples can get all the benefits that the state gives any married couple, but it will not be recognized in another state or in federal government. So they can get health benefits, they can file jointly for their state taxes, and their children will be recognized as belonging to both of them, but by the state only. They get no social security benefits, and should a custody battle go to a federal court, they child would not be recognized as belonging to both of them.
The same day that law was passed, the Texas House voted to bar gays from being foster parents, and the next day the Washington Senate, by one vote, defeated a major gay civil-rights bill. One step forward, two steps back. The way I see it, if god made all men and women, then god also made gay men and women. It may not be the way we live, but it is the way they are. Might as well criticize a person for having black hair, or buck teeth. I believe in a god who cares for all people, not just the ones that please him with their sexual preference or their political views. We are put on this earth to procreate, which is a big argument as to why gay life style is wrong, but with our modern world, there is a way to make a gay woman pregnant without a husband, heterosexual women do it everyday. Gay men should be able to adopt, after all, a child unwanted to me is more sinful than one in a loving household. I count many people my friend, and some are gay, some are not. I know of a gay teacher in my daughters pre school, who is as nurturing as the other teachers who are not gay. I feel no fear that her influence will make my child gay. Princess is who she is, and what she will grow up to be, is anyone's guess. I love her, no matter what. Whoever she brings home as a partner in her life when she is older, as long as they love each other and treat each other with respect, I could care less if that person is a woman, or black, or Hispanic, or yellow with polka dots.
I respect my gay friends. I respect any of you who may have a differing opinion. But like it or not, by banning gay marriage, you are not banning gays. They are here to stay. Many of our forefathers fought against giving blacks their civil rights. Gays are here to stay, and they deserve to live as rich a life as we do. They have feelings, they bleed red, and they love their families. Let faith stay in the religious world, but don't vote for things in our government because your faith does not let you accept it. Recognizing gay marriage will not undermine the pillar of our society, nor will it crumble religion. But it will let a whole group of people feel that they matter.
For anyone who may want to read more on this, go here. Read with your eyes and your minds open. Good night all.

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