Tuesday, July 05, 2005

4th of July Weekend Update

I find it hard to believe that the 4th of July is over. It doesn't seem possible that it could have come and gone, and we are that much closer to Fall. I find that the years just fly by lately! I did however, have a good weekend! On Sunday, Roomie had a family barbecue to go to, which she invited Princess and I to go too. When she did this, I was pretty darned happy about. Then the day came, and so did my period. I apologize to my men readers who right now are probably going eww...she's talking about THAT....but hey it's no picnic for us women either. I felt like someone had slipped me a sleeping pill, all I wanted to do is crawl back into bed and stay there!! I did snooze most of the day away, moaning about cramps, but then the time of the barbecue came and Princess truly wanted me to go, so off we went. We had a good time all in all, but my social skills were a bit lacking. I kind of sat there like a slug just smiling at everyone so they would know that I wasn't anti-social. Just for a change it would be nice if men had to deal with this instead of us women. But then again, I don't think we could handle them with the mood swings hee!!!!
Monday, we got up bright and early (Me feeling like a human being again) and went to the beach. I wanted to get there early, and leave early, so we could avoid the crowds and so Princess could get a nap in before the fireworks that night. It was beautiful!!!!!! We took a walk on the rocks, where I was a feast for a really obnoxious horse fly. I got him in the end, squished him, which made a red stain on the rock, I yelled at the corpse "hey that is MY blood sucker" to which he didn't reply, being dead and all. We then went home had lunch, and Princess slept for two hours! When she woke, a bath ensued and then off we were again, to our downtown area where they had a small fair with a few rides, yummy fair food, and the river where the fireworks were. We were THISCLOSE to where they were being shot off, so when they went, they were RIGHT OVER US, very thrilling and wonderful!! I wish they had been longer. Princess, even tired as she was, waved her little flag and was thrilled. It was a good weekend all in all, other than the killer horse fly and oh, a truly RUDE young woman who refused to let me into traffic! Young and bitchy, that was her!!! Other than that, a truly spectacular weekend! Below are some pics of this weekend. I would LOVE to hear of your weekends, so C'mon, what was the best part of the weekend for you? Mine was seeing the happiness on Princess' face as she watched the fireworks, and being so close you could actually see them being launched in the air!

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    1. Princess ready to go to Roomie's families barbecu...
    2. Princess at the beach having fun
    3. Dead blood sucking fly....muwahahaha!!!!
    4. How close we were to the fireworks barge
    5. Climbing rocks....
    6. The bridge between our town and the one across th...
    7. Fireworks....
    8. And yet MORE fireworks.
    9. Things to be thankful for on a cool summer night
    10. Conversations with Princess
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