Monday, August 22, 2005

The Weekend in Pictures

Thankyou all for your kind thoughts after my really bad day, and yes things have gotten better. My bank (best bank EVER!) did make good for my car insurance, and didn't even charge me another bounced check fee for it. I never did get any satisfaction from that company, but I am doing my own checks from now on, so they will NOT h ave access to my account as of this weekend. Speaking of the weekend it was a wonderful one! Last night, Roomie and I were bored, and looking for something new to do and possibly go eat. We went to the Fife and Drum restaurant in Kent, which is WAAAAAY far away, like an hour and a half, but wow the ride was worth it, we went through the northwest hills of CT and that is some pretty country, so without further ado, below are pics from this weekend.....

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    1. Beautiful scenery from our trip last night to the...
    2. The gift shop and Inn, so quaint, we want to go b...
    3. The sign, the restaurant has been owned and opera...
    4. Princess outside said restaurant, after eating wh...
    5. Today we spent the whole day at the beach (rememb...
    6. I tried to get a pic of Princess doing push ups i...
    7. A hole filled with water which Princess could NOT...
    8. Princess and a new friend on the beach planting t...
    9. Can we start again please?
    10. Old Friends.....
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