Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Can we start again please?

My day has been interesting to say the least. It's one of those days where you just want to put the covers over your head and take a do over. It started this morning with Princess being cranky, which is not unusual but what is unusual is how sad she seemed, so I kept her home for the morning as I did not have any clients until later. Then I left a bit earlier with her to stop at the bank and take care of a bill, where upon I found that my account was overdrawn, which made me stop as I have been careful as all hell lately as I had a few weeks of piddly things being overdrawn which caused a fee of 27 dollars every time. So I have watched EVERYTHING... And yet I was still overdrawn. So I checked into it, and found a check for 347 dollars and some change had been posted against my account. It was an electronic check, and when I looked into it further, it was a check that should have been taken out NEXT week! I know this for a fact, because the first two to three weeks I tend to keep a tight reign on everything as I have rent, car payment, and insurance all due. So I would never have made it for the week that car payment and insurance was due! Now here's the bad part, my car insurance did NOT post yet, so that meant that if it went through today or tomorrow, it would bounce. Ewe!! Thankfully I have the most wonderful bank anywhere, who said they would do an override and authorize the payment to go through regardless, which is great but now I have 54 dollars in bounced check fees! I called the company who posted a week early, which made me want to scream. Please understand that I am NOT an unreasonable person (well ok perhaps I am but that is only once a month and if you give me chocolate and salt all is well) and understand that mistakes are made. But the reaction I got was "well what do you want US to do about it, it's only a week!" So I proceeded to tell them just what a week early meant for me and could they just put it back, which they said no, as it would take 3 to 4 days and by that time it would be next week (ARGHH!!) so I said fine at least cover my bounced check fees as THEY ARE YOUR FAULT and again they said no and that I could feel free to sue them, which they probably knew I wouldn't do as it would cost me more to sue them than the fees. We open up our accounts to companies so we can live without the hassle of writing out checks and mailing them, but when we do we open ourselves up to corporations that only care for THEIR bottom line, not yours. The madness has got to stop and I am investing in stamps right now! Work seemed to be ok, but I found out that we have a meeting on Saturday after work absolutely mandatory. This does not bode well as my boss right now is going through a messy divorce and he seems to come down hard on us when his life has no structure, as if making us "tow the line" will make the madness in his life easier to handle. Then, I picked up Princess and upstairs neighbors son from a friends house as roomie and upstairs neighbor is busy with a show and upstairs neighbors husband was busy and took them for ice cream. Well there was a line a mile long, and try telling to young kids that the line is too long and you need to go home without ice cream after you promised! So we got home late, and now I hear upstairs neighbors son crying hard and I think his father is probably cussing me out right now, life is SO pleasant today!!!
Can I start over please??????

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