Thursday, January 12, 2006

Princess turns 5 and gets smart hehehe!

My daughter constantly amazes me. She just turned 5, and for some reason that seems to be the magic number for her to be able to do things like numbers and letters. Mind you, she's been in daycare and preschool since she was very young, and between them and me we have certainly kept her mind active, but when she was only 4 (just a few weeks ago) she would tell me all the time that she "couldn't do it" because she was too little. Now that she is 5, she tells me "you know I can do that because I'm 5 and I'm a big girl now". Ever marvel at how they think hee! Just the other day, we had this conversation (I'm using first initials of names only)

Princess: I have two cousins!
Me: No sweetie, you don't, you have more than that. You have C and K and T, how many does that make?
Princess: (thinking for a minute) three!
Me: That's right! And you also have N and A, how many is that?
Princess: two!
Me: That's right again! And how much is two plus three?
Princess: (thinking hard again) Five!!!!
Me: Oh you are so smart!!
Princess: And I'm their cousin and I make six!

Just a few weeks ago she would have told me she was too young to do numbers, amazing what a birthday can do :-)

This Sunday I am finally getting around to having her kids birthday party. I know I know, her birthday was December 26th, but you try to have a birthday party for you kid the day after Christmas or even that week, when you also work full time, NOT a thing that I can do. So anyway, I booked it at Chuck E Cheese, so wish me luck or send me valium as there will be up to 15 kids at her party not to mention all the other kids there! Send me some ear plugs too while you're at it. All kidding aside, I get such a kick out of her having so much fun, so I'll get through it :-)

I know, you're all jealous because you won't be having as much fun as me this weekend hee!!!!

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