Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!I hope everyone's New Year's Eve party was successful. Mine was! I had good friends over and we had good food and many drinks. Princess actually made it to 12 woo hoo!! JUST made it, as she was in bed and asleep 15 minutes later hee!!! I have decided not to do New Year's resolutions this year, it puts so much pressure on you and then you feel bad when you don't live up to them. So instead, I am reaffirming what I have already begun in my life.

I will continue with weight watchers, I made it through the holiday season without gaining much at all, so picking up where I left off will not be hard

I will continue working out at the gym, I surprised myself by actually LIKING working out, who knew!

My goal is the same, to be healthier and fitter and able to do more with Princess, like riding a bike. She got a new one for Christmas and if I want to keep up with her I need to be on one too.

I will be around for a good long time do I can be in my daughters life until I'm old enough to be a burden to her lol!!!!!!

So you see, no new things, just reaffirmation of existing goals.

I got an I-Pod from my friends this Christmas woo hoo!!!! I was overwhelmed by their thought and generosity. This will make being on the stationary bike at the gym MUCH more enjoyable!!! Not to mention just being able to put my music in one place. I am going to put my CD's on the puter so I can then add them to my playlist. My daughter is now 5, when did she get so big!!!!

Tell me about your new years, either the resolutions or the reaffirmations, or the lack there of, Happy New Year!

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