Saturday, November 27, 2004

Crazy runs in the family!!!

So here I sit, tired after the holidays, ordering chinese because the thought of heating up leftovers seems like the hardest thing to do ( I worked all day you see). Does Princess suffer from this malady? Nope. She has learned to pause the dvd player, and does it whenever. Tonite she did it so she could let her "dog" out. The invisible one, we don't have a real one! Then she's sitting in her lounge chair, and all of a sudden she screams "Aaahh! I gonna pee in my pants!" Both Oliquig and I say " so go to the bathroom" She runs down the hall to the bathroom chanting " I gonna pee in my pants, I gonna pee in my pants!" Ever wonder how kids don't realise they have to pee until it's almost too late?? Don't you wish you could stand up at work and go " Aaahh I gonna pee in my pants" and run out of the room? LOL too funny!!!

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