Monday, November 08, 2004

How nice to have good neighbors!

If anyone bothers to read this blog, you probably also read Oliquigs. She told you about an altercation in our neighborhood where cops had to be called. Well, it all had to do with parking of all things. Neighbor A was having a party for her just turned three year old, and neighbor B was bent out of shape because some of her guests parked "gasp" on the street in front of her house, which is directly opposite of Neighbor A's. It got ugly, with Neighbor B saying fuck this and fuck that and fuck you for parking where I park, Neighbor A tried to apologise, and told her this was a temporary thing, that her guests would be gone soon, neighbor B told her to not to let her kids in the front or she would tell her dogs to go after them. At which point Neighbor A called the police. Things finally calmed down when neighbor B was told by the cops that in order to insure no one parks in front of her house she would have to buy that part of the street and they would put lines around it, NOT a cheap thing to do. What were roomie Princess and I doing? Trying to take a walk in our oh so nice neighborhood. Ah well, all was well after a while, the walk enused, and some nice pics of our day will follow this post.

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