Tuesday, November 16, 2004

My Weekend, which is actually Sunday and Monday

On Sunday roomie and I went to a "croptoberfest", which is actually a scrapbooking event where everyone sits around and works on their project. Don't get me wrong, I learned a few new techniques, but back when I was mocking my roomie for her scrapbook obsession you never would've convinced me that I too would be going to events like that! If roomie says anything to me about scrapping, I truly deserve any mocking she may do to me :-) There is a girl in our neighborhood that babysits, and she is truly wonderful with Princess! So before she came we cleaned a bit, which Princess objected vehemently to. As a matter of fact, Princess objected vehemently to just about everything this weekend. Last night she went to bed finally in a good mood, I asked roomie where THAT child had been all day! Yesterday I did some deep cleaning in the house, and roomie and I took down the Halloween decorations, we figured they should come down as it's oh I don't know...ALMOST THANKSGIVING!! Actually roomie took the majority down as last minute I remembered that we still needed bread for the homemade chicken soup I made for dinner and ran to the store. Ever have your brain say "go to this store" but your gas pedal foot and your car go to the other store??? Happened to me last night. Well at least the deep cleaning stuff is done, as I am having Thanksgiving and want to impress Mom and Dad. The rest of the family is not as picky, but seeing as how Mom doesn't think I can do Thanksgiving why give her anything to pick on. And now, off to shower for work. see ya.

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