Thursday, December 02, 2004

Enough of that!!

A new day, no more rain, still no sleep as Little Man upstairs still woke up and cried last night, but I have a whole new attitude! Thankyou Rick, Lauren, Bad Penguin, and Ro for your sympathy, funny how people you have never met in real life seem to become friends in so short a time! Yesterday at work blogging came up, as one my my clients reads blogs. She wondered why it was so popular. I asked her why she read them, she said that it was interesting to see bits of peoples lives, however briefly. I told her, that is exactly what makes it so popular.
We all get caught up in our day to day lives, and sometimes it helps to put our thoughts in writing and send it out over the vast internet, to be caught up in other peoples nets as they surf. This is definately a two way street, because we too catch other peoples castings, and in turn we all become richer. When you read about peoples joys and triumphs, you feel joyous and triumphant too. And when sadness and tragedy strikes, there is a whole network of people who send you their thoughts, prayers and well wishes. This is a win-win situation here.
Why, you may ask, does one day of the blahs make me so introspective? Why not? Isn't this what a blog is for? I'm sure later on I'll have more funny anecdotes about my life, but for now, let me just say blogging is a wonderful community, and what for me started as a lark and a whim has now become something I look forward to as much as I look forward to other neat things in my day.

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