Monday, December 20, 2004

Just when you think life is wonderful.....

I have a piece of crap car, I've been nursing it along for some time now. I wanted it to last through this year, then I figured that during the presidents day sales I would get a car. I haven't had working heat in it for awhile, it gets warm sometimes, then other times it doesn't. I also have the incredible floating thermostat, one minute it looks like its overheating, the next it's fine. Now, put that together, along with other problems I've been having, head gasket. Which costs around 800 with parts and labor to fix. Guess who doesn't have 800 dollars?? Nor do I want to put the money into my piece of crap car. So where I stand now is this: I'm playing russian roulette with my car right now. If I keep coolant in the car and keep topping it off, it may keep going for a while longer. I just need to get through the holidays, then I can focus on the car. So, if anyone is listening out there, I could really use your prayers, pray that my car makes it through for a month. If it doesn't I am so SOL.Pray hard, and pray loud, and if any of you have an "in" with the saint of cars, pray even louder.

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