Monday, January 31, 2005

The weekend and what we did

This is what a Christmas tree looks like when you have left it up until, oh I don't know, THE END OF JANUARY hehehe Posted by Hello
As you can see, we FINALLY took our tree down. Before you pass judgment, remember that this has been a sick house for many weeks, so no energy to do anything like get rid of the Christmas things. It was interesting to say the least, I packed away the ornaments and Roomie got the ornaments and lights off the tree. I was told that next year I would take the lights off the tree, which is only fair as I put them on and get somewhat anal about the placement of them, wending them throughout the branches. It makes for some pretty lights, but it doesn't make it easy to take them down! Many scratches and sap covered feet later, finally the tree looked like that, pretty sorry looking! Most of the needles were on the floor! We went one step further though, we organized and cleaned up the whole living room, which took some doing as all we have been able to manage up to now is a little light cleaning. It looks great! Today I tackle the Kitchen, and then the rest of the house is just light picking up. I hate it when the house gets away from you, but there are times in life that the energy is not there. Below, you'll see how Psykit "helped", she had to make sure that everything was put back as it should be on the mantle. Thank god for the kitty inspection, without her we might not have gotten things right on the mantle! We were pretty amazed that she actually was able to jump up there! So as you can see, we didn't have the most exciting Sunday, but it sure was a busy one.

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