Friday, January 28, 2005

Musings and Children

Little snow bunnies Posted by Hello

We had more snow, which Princess and Little Man were so thrilled about. The snow came up to Little Man's waist in some places, pretty cute! Yesterday at work,One of my clients and I were talking. He's dating another one of my clients, as a matter of fact he became a client because of his girlfriend. He and I started talking about the future, as they will get married someday. He was saying that her earning potential with the career path she had taken was about 50 thousand, and his was probably about 70. He hoped this was enough to get the house they wanted and to raise their kids without struggling as both their parents had to. Usually, I listen to the two of them and think how mature they are, but when they say things like that I truly see how young they are. I looked at him and said "since when is 50 thousand a terrible thing to make?" He said it isn't, but that it may not be enough for children.
Well, they both would be working, and even if she decided to stay home, they could do it by living frugally. I started to think how people view the world and children. It doesn't matter to the child how much their parents make, as long as they know they are loved. True as they get older they may feel slighted if they don't have what the other kids have, but knowing teenagers you could give them everything in the world and they would still find something wrong with what you do, say think, buy or don't buy. That is the nature of teenagers folks. These two don't seem to realize that they don't need the best house or the best car, they just need to keep loving each other and their future kids, do the best they can and plan for the future, but not stress about it. I asked them if they loved their parents and that even without a lot of money if the felt they had been raised well, both of them said yes. Isn't that what having kids is all about?
I would love to have a house, a nice car, and live in the best neighborhood. But I'm proud of what I have achieved and am going to achieve, and I may never have those things, but I have Princess and that is more than enough blessings in this life.

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