Monday, January 24, 2005

My weekend while getting better

Here is our house the day it snowed...And snowed...And snowed! Posted by Hello

Below are pics of my weekend. I spent most of it sleeping, seemed to be the thing to do when you don't feel good! Thank goodness for Oliquig, she really helped me out! The snow was beautiful, we went out when it started on Saturday, then again when it was still snowing on Sunday! This was by far the most snow we got all year, and Princess loved it! We found out all too soon that it wasn't the best snow for sledding, however we still gave it a try! We couldn't stay out too long, as I was still sick and it was way windy, blizzard like conditions, so even Princess didn't want to stay out long. All in all it was a wonderful quite lovely snowy weekend, made all the more special by Princess!

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