Saturday, March 19, 2005

Never tempt the weather gods

As all of you know, I now have a car that is equipped with 4 wheel drive. My old car was okay in the snow, mainly because I'm a cautious snow driver. This one will be even better, and I will still be a cautious snow driver. That said, when you pick up said car, and you drive away from the lot laughing because you're so giddy from getting the car and knowing that your credit is back in check, and when as you drive away you yell " C'mon let is snow NOW" then laugh maniacally, you can be certain that the weather gods won't be happy. So if you get snow tomorrow, as we're supposed to get, you can shake your fist at the sky and say "Curse you Nina!" because it will be my fault. I laughed at then tempted the weather gods!!!
All I can say is sorry, and thank god no one was around to see me laugh maniacally behind the wheel, they probably would have called the cops and hauled my @ss away hee!!!!

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