Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Princess games and giggles

I read Honestyrain's blog on kids and doing kid things, and this brought to mind some of the silly things I do with Princess. She gets a kick out of them, and I get to act like a big kid for a while.
We have this book with colors and animals in it, and in the back of the book is the bear. He stomps around and growls according to the book. Well a while back she decided that she was afraid of the bear, so I started talking like the bear to her. She has now named the bear Pete, and he's her "best friend". We talk together, and then we growl. The funny thing is that she'll tell Pete the bear things she won't tell me, even though she knows that I talk for Pete!
Another thing we do is tickle finger, wherein my two index fingers tickle her and she laughs. She has now named them Georgin and Lolly. She talks to them, tells them she loves them, and I talk to her as Georgin and Lolly and tickle her. Then my brain kicks in and says hey adult, umm your talking for FINGERS!! It seems momentarily strange and then Princess giggles her deep belly giggle and there I go again talking as Georgin and Lolly.
She also likes it when I hold her up in the air, we call it uppy air because it was named back when that was all she could understand. I put her up in the air over my head (I'm sitting, so this isn't as dangerous as it sounds) and I'll say "Princess what are you doing uppy air come down from there!" and she'll giggle. Then I lower her until our foreheads barely touch and I'll go "clunk ow!" which sends her into more giggles.
We also do slow feet and fast feet, one of us will move really fast and the other will move really slow....guess which one of us does which lol!!!
Another favorite is when she'll hide and I or Roomie will say "where's Princess, oh no did you leave her at daycare or work or the store?" Then we'll say "oh well I guess she'll be alright until tomorrow" and then Princess will pop up and say "here I am you didn't leave me" and giggle like a mad child.
I think what is clear from writing this is how much I love hearing Princess giggle. When she giggles, it's a deep belly giggle and her whole body gets into it. You can't help but laugh with her. Her eyes get all crinkly and her mouth crooks up into a grin and her whole body laughs. You haven't lived until you've seen and heard Princess giggle. It makes the whole world make sense, it drains away your negative day. I want her to stay little for just a while longer. I want her to want to play with me for a bit more. Sometimes I'm not in the mood to do these things, and then I remember that my time to do them is short, and when this time is over and she has moved on into some other phase, I'll miss this. But I'll always remember that I took the time to make her giggle, and I'll always remember how special that made me feel. And someday....She'll do this with her children too.

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