Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Griping session now started

I love my job. I feel good when I do a service for someone and they like it. That said, I have some clients that refuse to tip. Granted I have one or two who save to come in and they can't tip, I never mind those. Then I have the clients with more money than god (the salon is in a well to do town and is high end so most of the clients have more money than god) and they still don't tip. I had a day with all my non tippers in it. I had one client give me a very good tip...and that was it for the whole day, and I was busy! Some of you may be sitting there and saying you don't believe in tipping, and that's your right, but from my point of view, I did a service, I did it to the best of my ability, and it's customary to tip your stylist! I tip anyone who does a service for me, and I tip very well. I also count on my tips, they buy me gas, things for my daughter, and generally take care of most of my daycare expense, so I definately don't spend them frivolously, okay sometimes I do, but hey you have to treat yourself every now and then.To look on the bright side of things, the one tip I did make today is more than I had when I went into work, so all in all I came out ahead, but I was slightly miffed I must say.
When I got out of work, it was snowing hard, and not the fluffy pretty snow, no this is the wet sticky icky stuff. I did get to try out my 4 wheel drive, which takes a bit of getting used to let me tell you! It felt weird, but I did get through the snow no problem! I WANT SPRING!!! I want green grass, flowers, trees budding. I want to see animals scurrying, I want to take my daughter to feed the ducks. I want to do outdoor things that don't require snow boots and a sled!!! Oh well, winter can't last forever.....hopefully hee!
I will leave you with a question, what are your thoughts on tipping and why?

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