Monday, March 21, 2005

The Weekend Fun

This weekend we went to see Toy Story 2 on ice. It was A LOT of fun!!! Princess was overwhelmed with everything and watched the whole show quite seriously. Can I tell you that the tickets were not very expensive, but the stuff you buy there! WOW! 12 dollars for a Polaroid of Princess with Buzz (I'll show that pic when I get my scanner later this week), 16 for a Buzz Lightyear sword, 10 for cotton candy (it did include a cone hat), 16 for a Buzz Lightyear spinny thing, and 12 for a mug o' ice!!! The mug was Buzz, but wow they sure do get you with all of that. And of course, I, like a foolish mom, bought all those things for her! Okay well actually the sword was bought by Roomies mom, she gave Princess some money to spend at the show. You know what? It was worth it because Princess was so happy with it all and is still talking about the show and her prizes! There was a very tired Princess when we got home, and she almost fell asleep watching her last show of the night. I think she was asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow! I hope they have something else fun next year, I had so much fun taking her that I wouldn't mind making it a yearly thing. Roomie also came, which pleased Princess a lot, next to me I think Princess loves Roomie the most! Today was not so much fun, we had a salon work day today, we all got together and spruced up the place, it sure does look good now, but I did a lot of painting and am a little tired now. Oh well, one day of sheer fun, one day of spring cleaning, not a bad weekend at all! Now I need to take care of spring cleaning here....Anyone want to come and help??? Okay I hear the crickets chirping now! Hope everyone's night is super, below are pics from the ice show yesterday, enjoy!

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    1. Princess impatiently waiting for the show to start...
    2. Mmmmm cotton candy!!! 
    3. Buzz Lightyear himself! 
    4. the potato heads!!! Fav line: "I'm a married spud ...
    5. How cool is this costume!!! 
    6. The roundup gang 
    7. The "dolls" at the toy store 
    8. Never tempt the weather gods
    9. I love driving!!!
    10. Back view of the piece of crap car, isn't the gree...
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