Monday, April 04, 2005

The aftermath of theft

Let me take a moment to thank all of you who sent me your thoughts, I don't think any of you will know how much they mean to me. It makes me realize that there are a lot of decent people out there, and we can't get stuck on the scum that exists.
Today is actually a worse day than yesterday. Today I have had a whole night and day to think about what happened, and to feel utterly depressed about it. I know it's only a car, and I know that insurance will take care of it, but I still feel totally violated. I don't know if I would feel different if the car had been stolen out of a nameless parking lot, but the fact that it was taken from my own driveway beside the house that I live in, well I feel like this person invaded my space in the worst way. Okay perhaps not the worst way, there are worse ways to have your space violated.
The police came by yesterday after I discovered the car was gone. It actually took me a minute to register the empty space in front of me was where the car was supposed to be. Then panic and anger and sadness hit, almost all at once. I had worked SO DAMN HARD to get to the place where I could afford a new car, and it was gone. The police told me told me that mine was not one of the "hot" chop shop cars, so chances are someone took it out for a joy ride or something, and in that scenario, there was a "possibility" of getting it back. I'm torn by that. Part of me doesn't want it back, after some nameless faceless person sat in there and used my car, and the other "bigger part I must say" doesn't want the hassle of looking for a new car again. I liked the one I got!!!! I don't want to try and find another one I like!!! Anyway, the complaint was filed, my car vin number went into a national data bank, and if it's recovered anywhere in the U.S. I'll know. I then talked to the insurance guy. He walked me through the policy and what I can expect. They give it 30 days to get the car back, if it comes back in that time they assess it for damage and take care of it. After 30 days, they pay out on the car. Which they use two companies for, both which assess book value of a car. They then average out those two values and I get what they come out with. Then when I was at the dealer, I went for the roll-over insurance. What that means is that anything the insurance company doesn't pay out, that insurance will. It insures that the loan company will get full value on the car. Then.....I get to look for a new car again. I will have to come up with another down payment, as that won't be covered. I also have rental car insurance for 30 days, which I pay out of pocket and which the insurance company pays me back when the settlement is done.
To any of you who have had bad experiences with the police or insurance companies, I'm truly sorry. I had a wonderful experience, the policeman was so kind and sympathetic, and took the time to reassure my daughter who was very scared. The insurance person was also so sympathetic, and really took the time to make sure I understood what was going to be done. Princess has been having a hard time of it. She said yesterday "Mama, I didn't know there was bad people in our town." I told her that there were bad people everywhere, but there were a lot of good people who helped to keep us safe. Last night she had to make sure both doors were locked so that no one would steal her toys. I hate the fact that she is now aware of bad people, but part of me is also relieved, because she has now seen that not all people are to be trusted, and this may make her a bit more cautious. I told her that the car was, after all just a car, and that the important thing was that we were all safe and whole and happy. That the thing that really matters in life are the people you love.
Things I'm thankful for in this case:
We weren't in the car when the bad people came.
No one was hurt.
I have wonderful friends who have given me there whole hearted support and love.
I have wonderful insurance, Progressive if anyone ever wants a REALLY good insurance company.
My town has truly caring policemen in it.
All in all, it's a car, and that, as we all know, can be replaced. Princess or my friends, they couldn't be.
That's a lot to be thankful for.

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