Monday, April 25, 2005

A low key weekend, which we totally enjoyed

This weekend ended up being better than I thought it would. On Sunday Princess was invited to a Chuck E Cheese birthday party, which I had been dreading going to. Guess what? I ended up having a blast! Probably because there were very few other kids and parents there besides the birthday party, so there were fewer kids unsupervised. Princess had a ball playing with all the games and getting tickets. I had a blast talking to the other parents. I have the best friends in the world, but it's still nice to talk to parents of the kids your child goes to school with. After that we went to the mall, to buy Princess some new sneakers (if they are blue or green she calls them boy shoes, which makes her little tomboy heart glad). I buy one good pair each time her feet grow, they are the ones she wears the most, so I get them from stride rite. They usually cost about 35 dollars, however I don't feel bad spending that money when I know she'll wear them almost to death. Any other pair of shoes she gets, she gets from Payless, as those shoes she wears less than the main pair. She also got a Nemo beach towel, a Dash beach towel, and an Incredibles beach chair complete with umbrella at the Disney store. I think she made out like a bandit! Lest you think it was all about her, I too went a little crazy and bought some new clothes, yay for me! I buy them from Lane Bryant, as that store seems to remember that we of larger size STILL like to look stylish and hip! I felt just a wee bit guilty buying them, but I do need new clothes for work. Funny how we never feel guilty buying things for our children, even things they don't need, like a new beach chair and beach towels! Today (this is still part of my weekend) I had a class to teach at my salon. I used to work for a major color company teaching other stylists advanced techniques in color, so part of my job description is to keep everyone in the salon in with the latest techniques and style trends. A question, would any of you like a weekly post on style ideas and trends? If so I will certainly start one! After that we had lunch with Roomie's mom, who watched Princess for me while I taught the class. Then no weekend is complete without a trip to Walmart, where Princess got a new pair of sunglasses and new color wonder markers and paper, these things are cool as they only color on the special paper they go with! I got out of Walmart having spent less than 30 dollars, a major accomplishment for me let me tell you!
One other thing happened, I talked to my boss about changing hours this fall when Princess starts school. No longer will I have two days with her on Sunday and Monday as she will be in school on Monday. My new schedule will be one Saturday a month, then Tuesdays until 4 and Wednesday Thursday and Friday until 7. I added another night, which will give me the majority of Saturdays off in a month AND Sunday and Monday off. I plan on volunteering at Princesses school on Mondays. I feel the best way to help Princess succeed is to get as involved as I can. I can't remember the last time I had Saturdays off! I think working three long days are worth it to have three days off. Not the most exciting of weekends, but one that was happy and fun never the less.
That's all for now, have a good night!

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