Monday, July 18, 2005

I'm Baaaaaaaaack!!!

Hello all, I don't know how my week of vacation could have been better! The weather, although hot, was wonderful, and truly, I was on an island with a breeze, it never seemed as hot there. The first day there, it was late so we actually went down to the rocky beach (pictures on flickr ) and picked mussels. How cool is that, right there for the picking, the freshest sweetest mussels EVER....and we got them right from the sea! We steamed them up and feasted, along with wine. Life is good! The kids, my sis in law's three and my one, couldn't have been happier. Not once did Princess ask for TV, she was too busy playing out in the sunshine and swimming. At night, we would put them in the kids room with a movie, not once did they actually finish the movie, usually halfway through they would all be out. I don't think that Princess went to bed before ten any night there, but somehow she managed, which I find amazing given the fact that she usually is in bed by 8:30. Between swimming, we also went on a sight seeing tour of the island, we saw Pulpit rock where Roger Williams preached to the Indians of the island, we saw Indian spring, a fresh water spring with the sweetest water I have ever tasted. We saw an old cemetery dating back to revolutionary war times, complete with tops missing because of cannon fire! We went to the highest place on the island where you could see all sides, breathtaking! We also did tick check after every walk, Princess had one on her attached which totally skeeved me out, but she's fine, it was a wood tick not a deer tick. We also visited tide pools, where there were a lot of little critters just right for children to catch. Each night after they went up, we would sit around, sometimes just us or sometimes with other "island" dwellers, either with wine or Gin and tonics. I discovered I like gin and tonics, and since I truly don't drink much more than wine, that was a surprise. At the end of a perfect week, we headed for my brothers house, for fireworks and fun at the house. It was a fun ending of a perfect week, but seriously, this town they live in is very well to do, and I think my town had WAY better fireworks! We came home yesterday night, and Princess was asleep within 15 minutes of being put into bed! Today we layed around the house like slugs, each of us needing to re-group before the real world intrudes on us tomorrow. We're refreshed, and somewhat ready, but if I have a smile on my face this week, it'll be because I remember this perfect week!!! I have truly been having a fantastic summer, I can't wait to see what the rest of it has in store!! There are a few pics below, and if you want to see more, they are over on flickr.

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