Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I'm back, and actually have something to say!!

Well here I am folks, after a lengthy absence. I still feel somewhat blog sluggish, but I figure if I don't start to blog again I'll never do it again, and truly I would miss all of you! We just came back from Sesame Place, Princess and I, and we truly had a great time! We went with my sis in law and her kids, and a friend of mine and her kids. We all got along famously, which in kid world is saying a lot! On the way down, a three and a half hour ride took five and a half hours, curse you George Washington Bridge and construction!!! The next time I head to Pennsylvania, I'm taking another route, because even if it's out of my way, it'll still take less time than going through the Bronx and over the George Washington bridge. Princess, because she was over excited and over tired, ended up throwing up on the way down. We pulled over into a Home Depot in NY, I stripped Princess down, wiped her off with wipes, and re-dressed her in clean clothes. Then I went into the bathroom and washed her other clothes, oh the joy of traveling with kids hee! That first day, we just hung around the hotel and swam in the pool, a big hit with all the kids let me tell you! The next day, we drove to the Crayola Factory, and a good time was had by all. Now if you have kids who are into crafts, and seriously I don't know too many kids who aren't, that is a place to be let me tell you! I'm not sure who had more fun there, the kids or the grownups. The next day, it was Sesame Place, and thank god it's a water park, because it was HOT!!! My sis in law doesn't sweat, which sounds nice on the surface, but it means that she gets physically ill when in the heat too long. So we spent a lot of time in the water, which appealed to all of us. My favorite rides were the ride where we were all in a raft and went down a tunnel and down a large water slide, and Big Birds river ride. In that one we sat on tubes and floated down, where water would hit us occasionally, so much fun!! We ate at Longhorns, and if any of you have one by you, go to it if you like really good steak, yummm!!!! The next day, which was the day we were leaving, My youngest nephew ended up not feeling well, but did manage to make it to the park on last time. However, on the way home, we had a repeat of on the way there, only this time it was my youngest nephew who got sick, which made his older brother gag. Oh joy!! Again it took longer than it should have, but we made it home, and literally passed out until the next day!! Below are some pics, we truly had a GREAT time! I love doing things like this with my daughter, I like making the memories!!

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