Friday, July 29, 2005

I still have nothing to say but I now have questions to answer

I am still in a slump, however I'm not depressed, nor am I bored. I just think that for me, summer is not the time I think of to blog. Since this is my first summer blogging, I'm not sure if this is going to happen every summer, but hey I roll with it :-)
Thanks to Christine and Presentstorm, at least I now have something to write, so here goes:

Christine asked:

You're going on vacation again? Yep, next weekend. I know, I just came back, and timing could be better had I a few more weeks between vacations, but this is a trip with my sis in law and her kids, and Princess's best friend and family, and we had to go by what dates worked best for everyone.
Where to this time? (And more importantly, can I come, too?! I'm going to Sesame Place in Pennsylvania. I went last year and had a blast, so I'm going again this year and plan on having a blast again. Of course you can come, just pack a bag and hop a plane, we'll meet you there, your kids would LOVE it!!
Question: I'd like to know which of your teenage years was your favorite, and why: My favorite teenage years were between 16 and 18, I finally came out of my shell and had a blast!!! At least with my friends. It's funny, but my favorite teenage years would also have to be categorized as my worst teenage years. In school and with my friends, I came into my own, was dating, got good grades, went everywhere, did all the things a teenage girl would want to do. At home, my brother was spiraling down into mental illness, my mom stopped being a mom to me or to anyone as she dealt with her son's illness. I ran the house, and made sure dad payed the bills because they both fell apart. The reason I did what I wanted to do with my friends is because I'm not too sure that my parents knew I was there at all. Come to think of it, my teenage years weren't so hot, but I do have good memories of my friends. I'm hoping Princess has good teenage years, but not to the extent I had. I want her to have good memories of a functioning mother.One of these days I think I'll have to blog about that dark time, it will be a bunch of posts, and not necessarily one right after the other. That much pain can't be exercised so easily day after day. Also I have some times I have very little recollection of, as I blocked them out, so I have to piece together my memories.

Presentstorm asked:

If you could have named yourself at birth what would it have been ? Oh good question! I used to hate my name as no one else had it growing up, now I love my name as so few people have it, so I feel unique in that way. My birth name was not Nina, it was Na Mi Ok, family name in Korean was first, and the "K" sound is usually pronounced as an "NG" sound, so my name would have been translated into English as "Me Ong Na". I think keeping some of my heritage intact in my name would have been nice, but in those days, there was no celebrating the culture of your adopted child, it was blending your child into society so they didn't stand out. I wouldn't have minded Meung, which would have been an Americanized version of my name. Other than that, I always liked Alexandria.

Thanks guys for giving me something to blog, and anyone else who wants to ask a question, I'm still up to answering :-)

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