Wednesday, August 24, 2005

My little girl is growing up!

Last night I found out that Princess got into the pre-school that I was on a waiting list for! This morning I went to see it, and you couldn't ask for a prettier setting for a school not to mention that it has a great reputation for truly preparing kids for regular school! I'm not catholic, and this is a school run by Nuns, so I felt a bit awkward talking to the Sister, but she instantly put me at ease. I must admit to a few mixed feelings. At first I was ecstatic that she got in, and that just kind of led me to the kind of parent I DON'T want to be. You know, the kind that picks the right pre-school so they can go to the right grade school and on to the right high school all leading up to Harvard or Yale. And here I am picking a pre-school which I feel will benefit her academically! Here is the big difference, I want my daughter to be able to support herself and be happy, period. I want her to go as far as she can, with me guiding her but NOT pushing her into what I think is the "right" kind of life. So I assuage my conscience with this, that I am not the kind of parent who puts school before her kids. I was then overwhelmed with sadness, this is a milestone here people! This is a pre-school that happens to have after school care, it is NOT a daycare that happens to have a pre-school. There is a world of difference in those two things. My daughter is growing up. She will be 5 this winter. I am so proud of her and yet I want her to be little for a little while longer. So here's to a new beginning, for My Princess. I am so proud of her, and saddened just a bit.

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