Monday, August 29, 2005

We had a wonderful time this weekend. We went to see Grammy and Grampy, and there was NO fighting!! This is always a major accomplishment when I go home to see my parents. Dad looked great, and so did mom. Dad has problems with his kidneys, so I'm always happy to see him doing so well. His doctor told him that he may need to go on dialysis in a few years, which I know he won't do, He's gonna be 84 this year, and as far as he is concerned, he has led a full life and has no intentions on prolonging it with any medical treatment beyond the ordinary. I respect him and his wishes, but you can see why I'm so happy to see him doing well! One bad thing this weekend, it was HUMID, and they don't have air conditioning, so it was hard to sleep last night! Oh well, when I complain I think of the Gulf Coast and realize that I don't have it hard at ALL.
Tomorrow, I will pick up Princess from her daycare early and take her over to her new school for orientation. This is a chance for me to meet other parents and for her to meet other kids. It's starting to dawn on her that this new school doesn't have her friends in it, so she's a little nervous. It'll be good for her to meet some of the kids she'll be going to school with. Then Thursday she starts!! I have no idea what to expect, I only know that this school does a lot of Montessori work without the Montessori philosophy, which means that there is more discipline than in a regular Montessori school. This is good, as Princess left to herself to learn would certainly NOT do that, she likes to play too much. She needs the discipline. Usually I am wittier than this in my posts, but quite frankly I'm tired, I just got home now from Mom and Dads and wish to go to bed now if I could, so know that in my head, and am witty as all heck and very funny too, so add the one liners wherever you wish to spice this post up I won't mind :-)

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