Thursday, November 18, 2004

Heat glorious heat!

It's 33 degrees outside. I know this for a fact becasue Roomie installed weatherbug on our puter. She actually is the one who installs most everything on the puter, as I know how to type on one and surf the web, and that's it. So thanks Roomie for making my puter life easier :-)
That said, back to it being 33 degrees outside. Inside it's not much warmer as the furnace decided to take a holiday and stop working. All I can say is thank god it's somewhat warm right now, today it's gonna be in the 50's and tomorrow in the 60's. So as I sit freezing now, I know it'll only get better. I'm waiting for the furnace guy to call me so he can come out and lasso up the vacationing furnace and make it work again! Ta ta for now :-)

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