Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Morning Musings

While driving to work yesterday I saw something that made me feel less than secure on a highway. I was getting onto the highway behind a huge semi rig, and looking into the drivers rear view mirror I saw the driver on his cell phone. In that big truck!!! Going around sharp corners!!! Those things don't stop easily as it is, but to have the guy on his cell? I was glad I was behind him. Yesterday at work Two clients happened to be in town, not for appointments just because. They brought in their kids for me to see, and they both had the cutest little boys in the world! I want a little boy! Don't get me wrong, I adore Princess and love her with all my heart, just, a little boy too would be great! Well since I'm single, and 42, THAT'S not gonna happen, but one can dream :-)
I have been a scrapbooking madwoman, I finished up many pages in the last few days, and if I do say so, I'm awfully proud of the pages. three more pages and I am done with summer. I'm making a year in the life kind of scrap book for Mom and Dad for Christmas. The next scrapbook after that will be Princess from birth to now. That'll be interesting as I just got my digital camera last year, so instead of having all the pics on my computer I have boxes and boxes of pics to go throuhg. Everyone have a sparkling day!

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