Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Said to me when I asked Princess if she was done pooping: "Uh Mom, hello! There's more poopies!"

When I went to open the door for the cats one day when she was playing make believe: "Careful Mom, don't step on the dog!" We don't have one.

Said to me today when I asked her if she wanted McDonalds or Friendly's after the Dr's appointment: " Mama, I told you already I not like Friendly's, I want McDonalds, you member??"

Said to a new employee at my work one day when she came in: "Who are you, what you doing at my mommy's work?"

When I told her not to open a new cd in the car just look at it and then she opened it: "Mama I not open it, you open it already!" Yeah right :-)

Said every day since her Birthday on the 26th: "I 4! Mama I 4 now, I a big girl! I 4, mama." and for good measure in case I didn't remember: "Mama I 4 now!"

Said almost every time I have to punish her: " (great wailing) Oliquig!!!!!!!!! I want Oliquig!!!!!!!!!"

And said every night as I kiss her goodnight: " Night night Mommy, don't let those bug beds bite you, I love you!"

I love each and every one of those things, because they are so Princess!

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