Sunday, December 26, 2004

Merry Dysfunctional Christmas

I hope everyone's holidays were spectacular, or if not, at least not horrible! Thanks to the best roomie a gal could want, I was able to go home to Long Island for Christmas, as she lent me her car. As you all know, mine is a piece of crap and I'm dang lucky that it's still running.
So I get home to my folks house, and I see my brother looking out the front window at us pulling in. The front door is very close to where I park. I load my arms full of goodies, and head toward the door, which I find out is locked! I mean, he sees me getting out of the car, don't you think he would open the door?? I knock, he opens it, I say why didn't you just open the door? He says I thought you would go round to the back door. Uh huh. The back door which is WAY far away from my car with my arms full of heavy things and my daughter impatiently waiting for Grammy and Grampy. OK to be fair, my brother is schizophrenic, albeit a highly functional one. For those of you who don't know what that is, go here to find out more about it. He wasn't doing as well as he has been the past few Christmas's, so let's excuse him for the oversite. Mom and Dad has invited a young couple over for dinner. They're Chinese, and mom is teaching Yani (the wife) how to speak english better. Her husband Wei is in school getting his doctorate in computer sciences. VERY nice people, and this is their first American Christmas, so it was fun for them. I did cringe a bit during mom's conversations with them, she kept on saying things like "the oriental culture is interesting, do you know what a turkey is?" Now China may not be high on turkey, but I'm pretty sure they can figure out that a turkey is a bird of some sort! Let's not even go into the "oriental" thing, this has irked me for some time, as I am half Korean, you think they would know better. We are not rugs...We are Asian!!!! I could see their faces when she would say this, I think Yani wanted to laugh and I'm pretty sure Wei was just a bit insulted but too polite to say anything.
Did I mention Mom's obsession with food? She thinks everyone should have just a little bit, not a lot, as having too much is just terrible. Yeah....when you have company over, go ahead and control the food, good idea! Yani was obviously hungry and took a lot of turkey on her plate, which mom made a comment on, and she looked at mom embarrassed and asked if she had taken too much. Before mom could say anything more, I said "not at all, there's plenty of turkey, let me carve some more!" Which I did, as I am a big gal here, and one slice would not have done it for me either! I envy Yani, skinny as a rail and able to put food down with the best of them! Imagine growing up in a household where food was a control issue, here is what happens. I have a weight problem, as my personality is to covet that which I am denied. My middle brother... well let's just say you take your life in your hands if you even TOUCH his plate, it's like he's hoarding it, even to this day. My oldest brother is indifferent, as his personality tends to ignore that which he can't have, and my brother who is mentally ill still looks to mom to tell him how much to eat. By the way, schizophrenics aren't stupid or mentally deficient, they actually tend to be very smart, so it's not his illness that makes him look to mom for his food cue, it's her controlling ways. We had the obligatory tears, as things did not go as planned to Mom, so of course she had to make it a bigger deal that it was. Another control thing, her emotions.
On the happy side, Princess was so thrilled to be with Grammy and Grampy, and we sat around and sang Christmas carols on Christmas eve. We put out cookies for Santa which mom had made, and then Princess went to bed without a fuss so as to be ready for Santa. The next morning, she woke up bright and early, asking if Santa had come, then when we went downstairs, you should have seen her face! "Santa was here, he came!" she said so happily. Then we went to visit a friend of mine for the afternoon, had a wonderful time their. She has three kids so Princess was happy! Then we came back and had a wonderful dinner. Minus the mom things! This morning she was ready to come home, she was missing Oliquig. Today is Princess's birthday, she is 4 years old today, and we're going to go out to Applebee's for dinner. That was Princess's request. Her official birthday party will be in a few weeks, but you can't just do nothing on her official birthday :-) I am off to frost a cake, and then out to dinner with Princess, Oliquig's family and other friends of ours. Poor Oliquig is tired, she did EVERYTHING yesterday as she had her family over, so she will not be joining us. Have a good night everyone :-)

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