Thursday, December 23, 2004

still going so far!

Thankyou, all of you, for your good thoughts about my car and me, it must be working because I am still driving it! I should have gotten rid of it last year, but I wanted to wait until I was a bit more solid financially, someone should have told me last year that never really happens when you have a child.
There's another reason I didn't get rid of it last year, because of what that car represents. I was married twice, once to a total nightmare of a man, the second time to a man that I was never really sure how he felt about anything, let alone have feelings at all. We sure weren't good financially, as much as I struggle now, I still have more alone than I had married. He wasn't good with money. We had one car, and had to work out a way to get us both to work. When I realised that the marriage was over even though we were still under one roof, I went out and looked for a car. I bought the one I have now. It was the first car I had bought independant of a husband since I was a teenager, and it felt good!
So that car means a lot to me, and it may be a piece of crap now, but it owes me nothing, it has been a good car. It just needs to hold it together one more month, and with all your good thoughts and it being the car it is, I think it'll make it!
It's late, imagine me getting all sentimental over a car, I have to be tired! Just gave Princess more medicine, she has an upper respiratory viral infection. And...I FINISHED MOM AND DAD'S SCRAPBOOK WOO HOO!! Now I can sleep good night :-)

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