Sunday, January 02, 2005

Crazy weekend done!!!

Well it's over. We had the two parties, and we survived woohoo!!! The house isn't even a big mess, just a little one which I will take care of tomorrow. The new years eve party was fun, and we actually did make it to midnight! Even Princess did, which was amazing. Little Man from upstairs did not. Which was funny, because his parents don't really have a bed time for him, he goes to bed whenever, like 10 or so. He's only 19 months old! Princess on the other hand, is usually asleep by 8 or 8:30, so for her to make it and Little Man not too, wow! However, wake up on Saturday was rough, Princess still woke up around her usual time, and was quite cranky! She did however take a 2 hour nap at 9:30 which Oliquig and I were truly thankful for! She gave the word whine new meaning. Then....we cleaned up, went shopping, and got ready for party number two. Ok, if we ever plan something like this again, shoot us. Two big parties in one weekend is too much! We opened Christmas presents with friends this morning, and then had a yummy brunch which everyone brought something to. We had Oliquig's mom's delicious egg casserole, bagels and lox, homemade home fries, pancakes, bacon, quiche, and toast. Yummy!!!! Princess was so excited because she got to open Christmas presents in the morning, then birthday presents in the afternoon, a kids dream!! The theme of the day for her was spiderman. I know, she's a girl, so what, she loves spiderman and it makes her happy :-) There was some whining between present openings, and she hardly ate anything. I think she was too excited having all her favortie people over and presents all in one day! It was kiddie overload! After present opening number two, we sang happy birthday to her and had a piece of her Scooby Doo cake. Spiderman was all sold out you see. Now, roll me to the bedroom....I can't move teehee!!!
I must say that the holidays are even better with Princess, she is the light of my life and makes everything better. It amazes me how much I love her!!! Tomorrow after cleaning, I get ready to send out invitations to her kids birthday party, which will be the 16th. No one can say she is cheated having a birthday the day after Christmas :-) So everyone, have a happy spiderman day :-)

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