Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Lost, it's what's on TV!

I usually don't blog about tv shows, but really, Lost is awesome!! When I found out that Kate had been part of a bank heist and was actually its mastermind, I thought wow, she is a bad guy! But then she broke down and said she killed the man she loved, so now I'm not too sure if she is a good girl who got into bad things, or if she is a bad girl with feelings. Anyone have a theory? My only criticism of the show is when it's on, as that is the time I usually get Princess to bed!Now I can't get the song "Somewhere beyond the sea" out of my mind, more annoying when it's stuck in my head in French!
Also, what a great De-Lurking day! I think that this day, January 5th, should be the official annual D-Lurking day from now on, so mark your calenders, let's get Hallmark involved in this too. Now I'm gonna try to be an even better blog host and answer all you nice non-lurkers in email :-)

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