Thursday, January 06, 2005

Random thoughts and nightmares......

There's a new show I really like, Medium. I watched it on Monday, and correct me if I'm wrong, but they said there would be a new show tonight of it. Wrong, it was the same one from Monday. On the good side, I didn't have to miss Without a Trace, it was a good episode. It was about a young highschool girl who goes missing, she has plans to go to Harvard and it turns out she's pregnant and doesn't know what to do. This made me think of Princess and how I wouldn't be pleased if she got pregnant early, but I would deal with it. No matter what, she's my daughter and I love her. I'd support her any time, any way, any day. This in turn brought to mind an article I read in Parents magazine a while back. I can't get it out of my mind. It haunts me at night when we all sit there and think of the what ifs. A mother was getting ready to go somewhere, I'm not clear after all this time as to where, and her very young daughter wanted to listen to her favorite cd in the mini-van. So while getting things ready, she let her daughter stay in the van and listen to it. She then went inside to get more things ready, looking out her window to make sure her daughter was okay. It looked like her daughter was looking out the window at a squirrel, then the mother realized she hadn't moved. She ran outside, and saw her daughter dead, she had strangled herself with the automatic window. I cried so hard reading that. Imagine, thinking your daughter is okay and finding out the worse possible thing! Now before you mothers judge this woman, think of the things you have done, and later thought wow, that wasn't the brightest idea! I have left my daughter in the car sleeping in her car seat while I ran into the house to put away groceries. Anyone could have taken her, or she could have squirmed around and gotten hurt. Since that article, I have never done anything like that again. The mother has now become an advocate for power window safety. She says she does this so that no other parent ever has to feel the way she does, and to make cars safer. I think she also does this to stay sane. I know I wouldn't be able to stay sane if anything happened to my daughter, and I'm not too sure I would be strong enough to channel my grief into something positive like that mother did. So parents, hug your children keep them safe, and don't judge them too harshly. Remember how much you love them, especially during those times they drive you crazy. I'm hoping that writing about this, the fear that I keep reliving in my mind for something that has never happened to me will go away now that I have written about it. Somehow, I don't think it will, with time I'm sure it'll go away, but for now, I just remember to love my daughter, and hope I never have to feel like that woman feels.

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