Friday, January 14, 2005

True story

I had a best friend growing up, she was one of 6 kids, and was raised by a divorced mother. Seems her father decided he didn't want to raise 6 kids, should have thought of that before you fathered them. However this post is not about the stupidity of middle aged men as that would take way too much time to write about. No, this post is about some of the wonderful stories that came out of that house, and how much love was there despite the father.
She was 4th in the line of kids, and had two younger brothers. One of which didn't speak for a very long time. They took him to doctors to see if there was a problem, and the doctors really didn't know what to say. He seemed normal in all the tests, he just wouldn't speak. So they took him home and hoped for the best.
One day they were getting ready to do something as a family, and time seemed to run away from them. The mother was frazzled, and fed her kids in a hurry. There was little Gregory sitting in his booster seat looking at his toast, he being the one who didn't talk. All of a sudden, he says "There's no butter on my toast". The whole kitchen stood still, they were stunned!!! A full complete sentence from a child who had said nothing up to that point! "Gregory!" his mother cried out "You can talk! Why haven't you talked before?"
He said, "There always butter on my toast before." He grew up with a genius IQ! So mothers, don't despair if your child seems a bit slower to do things, you may be the mother of a genius!

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