Saturday, February 05, 2005

Birthday Parties and friendships

Princess had a birthday part to go to today, her best friend ever, we will call her PinkGirl. Oliquig took her, as I was getting out of work later than three, and that's when the party started. I joined when I got out of work later. I came in, and there were kids everywhere! All were laughing and generally having a good time, playing with toys and making cotton candy and eating it. The amount of junk Princess and PinkGirl devoured today was truly astonishing! I looked around some more, and noticed that the parents were chatting and having a marvelous time too. In my circle of friends, I have a few who have kids, none of which are Princesses age, and the rest have no kids. I love my friends, but it was nice to chat with people who have children, who are not those that I see on a daily basis. PinkGirl's Mom and I have been developing a friendship for some time now, time is not always with us though. So it was very nice to talk to her and her close friends. I realized sitting there that the dynamics of friendships are the same in every circle of friends. There's always a quiet one, a strong willed one (guess which one I am hehehehe), a funny one, and mixes of all of them and a few others I haven't mentioned. When friends have been friends a long time, they tend to tell stories together, and each input makes the story that much more funny/exciting/real for those listening. Each friend completes the other in some way, and here's the best part. No matter how long they've been friends, there's always room for more friends. True, the new friends may not have the history, may never meld as well into the whole as the others, but in some way the new ones fit, and bring something else to a complex dynamic. PinkGirl's mother and I will be successful being friends, and I may even be successful being friends with her friends. But nothing is lost when someone else joins, it just changes, and that, my friends, is what it's all about. Change, challenge, and acceptance. So go out and make some new friends, you may be surprised what they have to offer.

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