Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The stolen car saga continued

So my car as you all know, was found. seriously, the town it was found in? So NOT the hot bed of corruption! I mean there are fields and streams and cows and kids playing ball in fields, and there was also my car! It was found in a rather good section of town, must be nice to be rich and young and bored! The only thing stolen in my car was my spare change (if you need 2 bucks that bad welcome to it) and.....my bag I keep in the car for garbage! Yes I know! A garbage bag!!! Everything else was in the car, my scissors, which I am SO glad were there as they all total cost about a 1000 dollars, the new garden hose worth 30, my new car mats. My daughters car seat and toys, and of course, the angels which are always in the car, and probably could use a vacation now after the hard work they did hee! The car is in excellent condition. Did I fail to mention that part of this was my fault? Yeah I left the keys in the car. In my defense, they were the second set of keys the dealer had just given me and I wasn't used to having a second set, so I forgot I had them. The Policeman said they were probably looking for things to steal in the car and got lucky. In my car was some items from my upstairs neighbors car, so they obviously rummaged through their car too. I now possess one of those clubs that you put on your steering wheel, so if they still have that second set of keys, good luck going anywhere! I tend to think they threw the keys in the woods after their joy ride. So all in all, a good ending to a bad situation. Oh and my landlord is going to install a motion detector light right by the driveway for us.
And in case the bad guys read blogs? You guys suck!! You took my car, but you did leave it in good condition. I perhaps could forgive you for that. But you also frightened Princess, she's only 4!! And for that, I will NEVER forgive you.
For the rest of you good people, you are the best!!!

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