Monday, May 16, 2005

I love ending days like this

Today we didn't do a whole heck of a lot. A friend of mine had her car rear ended last night, and it's barely drivable. So today was spent helping her take her dogs to the vet, which took some time, then going to lunch then picking up the accident report. I started this morning with my upstairs neighbor coming down with her son and Princess and Little Man had a LOT of fun playing! We moms sat with coffee, both with no energy so to speak, and watched our kids exhaust themselves with very little effort on our part. Now don't get me wrong, I am a very interactive mom, but there are times it's nice to sit with friends and watch the kids go crazy knowing that you don't have to do much. We all need days like that! When we got home from helping our friend with the car, we went grocery shopping (just a little shopping as roomie did a major one last week) then I came home and cooked dinner. Easy dinner to cook, roast pork steamed rice and broccoli. I felt a little guilty doing no cleaning today so I organized the kitchen as I cooked. Then when everything was cooking and there was not much else I could do, I went outside and trimmed some weeds out of my Azaleas and cleaned up the yard a bit. I love my upstairs neighbor but she never puts any toys outside away. I felt like we were starting to look like the white trash house in the neighborhood with everything out front lol! I then threw a ball so Princess could hit it with her plastic bat, and let me tell you that kid has some good aim, I may be looking at a soft ball gal in the future! We then went inside to eat, and after dinner we took a walk through the neighborhood. It looks beautiful, everything is in bloom, Princess was having fun, and we talked to neighbors. When we came home, Princess watched the end of Scooby Doo and then we read a book, I'm pretty sure she is already asleep! All in all a good day, not that exciting, but a good day! Oh and then after that, mom called me tonight, she thanked me for my letter and I thanked her for hers. We both felt much relieved to talk, and she told me that she doesn't have many people that set her straight so as much as its hard for her to hear some truths she appreciated it when I did set her straight. We both decided to learn to talk to each other better, and said we loved each other. A VERY good day! I'm more than content tonight, I'm happy and fulfilled, this is what life is about, the days where not much happens, and I cherish them!
Below are some pics from today, I hope you enjoy them!

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