Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Now for the sweet

It was somewhat cathartic to wrote down all that happened this past weekend, and I'm feeling a bit better now, thankyou all for being my sounding board. At some point I still have to talk to my mother to see what we can salvage and go on. But not now, things are still too close to the surface. However, I did promise pictures of my mothers garden, and here they are. I think she loves those plants more than anything else. The garden is not what it used to be though, it's getting hard for her to tend it, but she still tries. Pardon me if I think she tries harder with them than she ever did with us. Enjoy the pics, they are the best of the weekend, and can still make me smile.

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    1. Princess on the ferry over to grammys and grampys...
    2. Raking with grammy! 
    3. Princess with her special rake 
    4. Tulips up close, love the color 
    5. How glorious! 
    6. One of her bushes waiting to bloom 
    7. Some bitter with the sweet
    8. I'm baaaack!!!
    9. ugh a virus!
    10. It appears that I have been tagged for a meme, and...
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