Thursday, May 12, 2005

Let's lighten things up a bit!

Things have gotten way too serious around here, so I decided to lighten things up. I've never posted some of the search strings that were referred to my blog, they gave me a chuckle so here they are!

pee pants she
Not lately, but thanks for the concern! By the way, this is not a sex site.

"I am adopted" blog
Why yes I am hee!

I am so popular you can now search for me by first name, kind of like Madonna only not as rich or thin!

Crazy single
No need to explain that one.

What single women give up by marrying divorced man with child
Huh??? I can't even begin to make sense of that one LOL!

So there you have it folks, a few ways that you too can find me, but please, if you're into the pee thing, go away eww!!!!
Have a good night folks :-)

• Posted By Crazy Single Mom @ 10:26 PM
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    1. Name: Crazy Single Mom
    2. Location: Connecticut, USA

    3. I am a 44 year old
    4. single mom of a 6
    5. year old little girl.

    6. Want to learn more?

    7. View My Profile!
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    1. Now for the sweet
    2. Princess on the ferry over to grammys and grampys...
    3. Raking with grammy! 
    4. Princess with her special rake 
    5. Tulips up close, love the color 
    6. How glorious! 
    7. One of her bushes waiting to bloom 
    8. Some bitter with the sweet
    9. I'm baaaack!!!
    10. ugh a virus!
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