Friday, May 13, 2005

Forgiveness and acceptance

On the same day that I sat down and wrote my mother a letter of apology, not for my words but for the dis-respect I showed her and how I said them, she wrote me a letter too. I would like to share that letter with all of you. The only thing I changed in it was Princesses real name.

Dear Nina,
I felt so bad when you left on Monday...that I had been the cause of your anger and bitterness. I can't undo it, or change what was said, but I must let you know how guilty I feel.
Both Dad and I agree on what a fine job you're doing raising Princess. When ever we're at your house we can see that you're devoting your life to her security and welfare. She shows this in her loving ways towards people! And we love her more each time we see her.
The two of us (Princess and mom) had such a nice morning Monday.... just watching the boats, picking flowers, and visiting friends. I treasure these times.
That I have many flaws in my character, I'm well aware of. I have tried through the years to erase the, but they won't go. So the best I can do is recognize them and cope with them. As I get older, this gets more difficult.
If I have hurt you at any time or anyway, I'm truly sorry. You and I have very different natures, and it's hard for us to understand each other at times. The difference in our ages is also a factor.
But we share a bond of my love and caring for you all these years. I hope for all our sakes, especially Princesses, that this bond holds, for Dad and I need you both in our lives.

Love, Mom

In my whole life, there have been only two times that mom has been this honest with me, this is one of them. The other was also in a letter, and I have saved it, as I will this one. It's funny how different mom and I are and yet the same, our letters were so similar in content. Each of us offered the other an olive branch, and each of us put Princess first in our concerns. I'm not saying that everything is fixed, but this is a start, and we can both build on this. Perhaps in mom's later years and in my middle years we will come to a better understanding and acceptance of each other, and when we build this time, it will be solid. I hope so. I love my mom, and my dad, and I want Princess to have great memories of them. For now it is enough and I am content.

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